Correspondence of Tom Matthews

Scope and Content

This series contains letters written by Tom Matthews, an American journalist on 'Time' magazine and friend of Graves and Laura Riding from the 1930s, to Graves between 1941 and 1972. The correspondence covers: Matthews' work on 'Time' magazine for Henry Luce; Graves's work including 'Wife to Mr Milton', 'King Jesus' and his poetry; Matthews' own poetry, for a volume of which - 'The Worst Unsaid' - he solicits Graves's endorsement; Matthews' work for Adlai Stevenson; family and social life in the US and England; the death of his first wife, Julie, in 1949, and his marriages to Martha Gellhorn and Pam Peniakoff. Mutual acquaintances include: Laura Riding and Schuyler Jackson; Jenny Nicholson; John and Lucie Aldridge; Norman and Gretl Cameron; Wilfred Roberts; Colin McFadyeans; Len and Jane Lye; Joan and Dolores Junyer; Beatrice Simpson; Alan and Jane Hodge; Maisie Somerville; James Reeves; Kit Jackson. The series also contains: fourteen letters from Matthews to Beryl Graves, from 1958 and 1970 to 1988; one letter from Beryl Graves to Matthews (c 1979); five letters from Julie Matthews to Robert and Beryl Graves from 1941 to c1947; press cutting of a review of 'White Goddess' published in 'Time' (6 September 1948); an article on 'Time' published in 'Tribune' (21 July 1950); a ts tribute to John Aldridge (c1983); three items of correspondence from Matthews' son Tommy to Beryl Graves from c1982 and c1994; three letters from Tommy's son Paul to Beryl Graves from 1990 and 1991; one letter from Pam Matthews to Beryl Graves (21 May 1991); a ts poem 'A Room Revisited'; and a press cutting of Matthew's obituary from 'The Independent' (10 January 1991).


The file was arranged by correspondent and recipient and within that in chronological order. This order has been maintained.


Canelluñ Collection number: CC0439

This refers to the arrangement of the papers in Robert Graves’ study before they were transferred to the College.

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