Correspondence of Amy Graves

Scope and Content

Amy Graves letters to her son contain family news, and small items of news from Harlech and its environs. The wartime correspondence appears to have accompanied regular deliveries of mending, carried out by Amy Graves for Graves and his family in Devon. After the war the letters contain news of the von Ranke family in Germany. The series includes correspondence and other materials reflecting Amy Graves's concerns about Graves marriage to Nancy Nicholson and the upbringing of the children, including ts notes headed 'Notes of a meeting in the drawing room at Erinfa, Harlech, on August 8th, 1932 at which the future of Robert's children was discussed', being a transcript made by Clarissa Graves of the children's comments on Graves's proposal that they live with him and Laura Riding in Majorca. The series also includes: two letters from Amy Graves to her daughter Clarissa Graves (25 June 1945 and 10 December 1946); one letter from Amy Graves to her grandson William Graves (16 January 1950); three handwritten recipes; five photocopies of letters from Graves to Amy Graves (3 May c1920, 6 January 1944, 9 January 1944, nd c1944, [5?] January 1945); also one photograph of Amy Graves [with grandchild?]; ts copy of 'My Early Life (1857-1899), being Amy Graves's memoirs, with a covering note to her children (25 February 1936), transcribed by John Graves in 1973 and with ms annotations in an unknown hand; and deceased estate accounts. Some letters are incomplete.


Material arrived arranged in chronological order; this order has been maintained, with occasional corrections to the chronology.


Canelluñ Collection number: CC0400

This refers to the arrangement of the papers in Robert Graves’ study before they were transferred to the College.

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