Correspondence of Ralph Jacobs

Scope and Content

The correspondence series contains letters sent by Ralph Jacobs to the Graves's from his home in New Jersey between 1963 and 1979. Jacobs often visited Deyá and was a friend of Robert and Beryl Graves and also of Aemilia Laraçuen (Cindy Lee). His letters contain news of mutual friends - including Laraçuen - encountered in New York, and of his cats. The series also contains Graves's correspondence to Jacobs from 1962 to 1972, a total of 30 letters together with transcripts and a schedule (possibly compiled by Richard Perceval Graves in the course of researching his biography of Graves). In addition there is: one letter from Julia Simon to Robert and Beryl Graves which bears an ink sketch of Jacobs by Alice Meyer-Wallace (c1978); one letter from Graves to Aemilia Laraçuen (14 March 1968); and one letter from Selwyn Jepson to Jacobs concerning the return of correspondence (28 May 1968). The series also contains a number of envelopes addressed to Jacobs.


Material was arranged by correspondent and recipient, and within that in chronological order. This order has been maintained, with very occasional corrections to the chronology.


Canelluñ Collection number: CC0435

This refers to the arrangement of the papers in Robert Graves’ study before they were transferred to the College.


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