Correspondence of Alan Hodge

Scope and Content

The file contains correspondence from Alan Hodge, first husband of Beryl Graves, separately to both Robert and Beryl Graves. Hodge writes from 1939 to 1978, although the bulk of the correspondence is from the 1940s. Hodge's correspondence to Graves is in part concerned with their collaborative publications 'The Long Week-End' (1940) and 'The Reader Over Your Shoulder' (1943), but also covers his wartime work for the Ministry of Information under Duff Cooper and Brendan Bracken, poetry (some of Hodge's poems are appended to letters), and Graves's writing. In the post-war years Hodge becomes an occasional intermediary between Graves and periodicals requesting contributions. Hodge's correspondence to Beryl Graves focusses more on the discussion of social life, particularly in wartime London. The unravelling of relationships caused by the experience of moving to America with Laura Riding in 1939 is alluded to; and the technicalities of their divorce amicably discussed. Mutual friends and acquaintances discussed include: Norman and Gretl Cameron; Laura Riding and Schuyler Jackson; Dorothy and Montague Simmons; Dorothy and Ward Hutchinson; Jenny Nicholson; Keidrych Rhys and Lynette Roberts; Douglas Glass; Karl and Rene Gay; Len and Jane Lye; Kenneth and Kumari Allott; James Reeves; Peter Quennell. The file also contains: one letter from Hodge addressed to 'Communist Friends' (c1942); a reproduction of a letter from Hodge to Julian Symons (5 August 1966); a copy letter from Graves to the editor of 'Time' (27 July c1940 to c1943); one letter from Graves to Hodge (18 November [1942]); one letter from Jane Lye to Graves (31 October 1944); three letters from Jane Hodge to Beryl Graves (1979 to 1983) and an obituary of Hodge.


The file was arranged chronologically by correspondent and recipient; with occasional corrections to the chronology, this order has been maintained.

Conditions Governing Access

The original of the reproduction letter from Hodge to Julian Symons is in the ownership of Carl Hahn, who should be consulted about its use.


Canelluñ Collection number: CC0434

This refers to the arrangement of the papers in Robert Graves’ study before they were transferred to the College.

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