Correspondence of Perceval Graves

Scope and Content

Large parts of Perceval Graves's correspondence with his half-brother is devoted to his impassioned rejection of aspects of 'Goodbye to All That'. Perceval Graves is exercised by Graves's assertion that he was the model for P.G. Wodehouse's character, Uxridge. He also expresses his anger at comments made about the family of his mother, the Coopers, and about the music publishing firm of Boosey and Hawkes's handling of royalties earned on their father's songs. Perceval also comments on Graves's poetic and musical abilities. He further criticises Philip Toynbee's profile of Graves in 'The Observer', 18 July 1965. The series includes: three transcripts of a letter from P.G.Wodehouse to Perceval Graves (26 September 1960) concerning the inspiration for the character of Uxridge; a copy letter from Perceval Graves to Cassell & Co. (8 October 1960); a copy letter from [Cassell & Co.] to Perceval Graves (10 October 1960); a copy letter from Perceval Graves to Philip Toynbee (20 July 1965).


Material arrived arranged in chronological order; this order has been maintained.


Canelluñ Collection number: CC0406

This refers to the arrangement of the papers in Robert Graves’ study before they were transferred to the College.

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