Correspondence of Joyce Broom

Scope and Content

Joyce Broom met Robert and Beryl Graves in Devon during the war when she was serving in the WAAF. She later married the poet Geoffrey Holloway. The series contains her correspondence to Graves (c1943 to 1946) and transcripts and photocopies of his to her (1943-1957). The transcripts and photocopies bear occasional ms notes in the hand of John Wakeman and consist of the following items: - 29 August 1943 Photocopy - 3 December [1943?] Begins "Dear Joyce, saturated in electricity […]" Transcript - 26 June [1944?] Begins "Dear my dear Joyce, We were able to tell Sylvia and Billy Brown […]" Transcript - [November or December 1944?] Begins "Dear Joyce: Critically examined In the Wilderness […]" Transcript of incomplete letter - 6 March 1946 Transcript and photocopy - 4 August 1946 Transcript - 26 October [1946?] Begins "Dearest Joyce: This is the first cold evening of the year […]" Transcript and photocopy - [late 1946?] Begins "Dear Joyce [,] In answer to your earnest letter […]" Transcript - 5 December [1946?] Begins "My dear Joyce: I'm afraid we can't be of much use […]" Transcript and photocopy - 4 May 1947 From Beryl Graves, with note in margin from Robert Graves Transcript - 21 January 1951 Photocopy - 20 May 1952 Transcript and photocopy -Easter 1957 Transcript and photocopy The series also contains: ms [copy, draft or unsent?] letter from Graves to Broom (4 April [1944?]), first leaf only; and copy ms letter from Kingsley Amis to Joyce Holloway [Broom] (27 September 1960) and two copy photographs of Joyce Broom (1943).


Arranged in approximate chronological order by correspondent.


Canelluñ Collection number: CC0046

This refers to the arrangement of the papers in Robert Graves’ study before they were transferred to the College.

Custodial History

Ms [copy, draft or unsent?] letter from Graves to Broom (4 April [1944?]), first leaf only, arrived separately in box 15, "box of bits". The photocopy of Graves's letter (29 August 1943) was supplied by Joyce Broom's daughter, Sue Holloway (1 March 2010), also the photocopy of Kingsely Amis's letter (27 September 1960) and two copy photographs were sent by Miss Holloway (1 April 2010). Covering letters also in folder.