Correspondence of Margaret Anderson

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Maragaret Anderson between 1959 and 1975 maintained a voluminous correspondence with Graves, enclosing ms and ts drafts and texts of her poetry. As well as discussing her experience of poetic creativity, Anderson also described her life in working class Leeds, slum housing, domestic and family life, and problems with the University of Leeds. Some of the earlier drafts of poems bear ms annotations in the hand of Graves. There is a sequence of ts poems by Margaret Stonegate [pseudonym of Margaret Anderson?] and Sally Chilver, with brief biographical notes for both women. The series also contains an envelope filled with hair or fur. There is one photocopied letter from Margaret Anderson to Beryl Graves, dated 18 January 1991. The series also contains: occasional items of correspondence from Joyce Anderson, sister of Margaret Anderson; two ts letters from Arabel Porter of New World Writing to Graves, on the subject of publishing Margaret Anderson's poems (3 and 12 June 1958); ts letter from A.M.Ross, secretary of the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Leeds, to Graves (10 October 1969) and ms letter from A. Norman Jeffares, professor of English literature at the University of Leeds, to Graves (15 November 1969) on the subject of admitting Margaret and Joyce Anderson to the university. Also a bundle of letters on the subject of support for Margaret Anderson: ms letter from June Riley-Smith to Graves (22 June [1975]), and ms [copy, draft or unsent?] letter from Graves to June Riley-Smith (4 July 1975) in the hand of Beryl Graves; ts letter from Elizabeth Dennys, sister and secretary to Graham Greene, to Graves (5 November 1975); ms letter from Baron Rossmore to Graves (19 October 1976) enclosing copy ts letter from June Grantley to Baron Rossmore (1 August 1976). The verso of ts letter from Margaret Anderson to Graves, dated 10 October 1966, bears ms text in Greek with translation to English, in the hand of Graves, of a fragment of poetry by Alcman.


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This refers to the arrangement of the papers in Robert Graves’ study before they were transferred to the College.

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