Papers relating to Wingate's Sudan career, 1899-1916

Scope and Content

Papers covering the short period of Kitchener's Governor-Generalship and the death of the Khalīfah, 1899 ; and Wingate's service as Governor-General of the Sudan and Sirdār of the Egyptian Army from 1899-1916 .

The papers reflect allaspects of the government and development of the Sudan, both civil and military. Each file consists chiefly of correspondence to and from Wingate but filed with the letters are reports, memoranda, maps, newspaper cuttings etc., most of which areitemised in the catalogue of the Wingate Papers. Among the subjects covered are the following: the capture of 'Uthmān Diqnah (1900 ); the rebuilding of Khartoum; the development of a civil administration, both in Khartoum and the provinces; thecontrol of missionary work; the establishment of Gordon College; tribal disturbances and punitive patrols; securing of frontiers, particularly between the Sudan and Abyssinia; encouragement and control of commercial investment in the Sudan; thepromotion of tourism; investment in railways, roads and bridges; control of archaeological expeditions; delimitation of national boundaries (see also section 1e.); development of trade and agriculture; negotiations with the Sudan PlantationsSyndicate and the development of the Gezira; public health; the opening of the Nile-Red Sea railway, 1906 ; relations between Cairo and Khartoum and the takeover of the Lado Enclave; repercussions of the First World War; and the 1916 campaignagainst 'Alī Dīnār. There are numerous references to affairs in Sinai, Somaliland, Abyssinia, Uganda and Yemen.