Papers relating to Wingate's Egyptian Army career, 1883-1899

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Scope and Content

Letters, telegrams, reports, maps etc. covering Wingate's service in the Egyptian Army during the Nile campaigns, firstly as Staff Officer to Sir Evelyn Wood (from 1884 ) and then as Assistant Military Secretary to Sir Francis Grenfell (from 1886), Assistant Adjutant General Recruiting (also 1886), Assistant Adjutant General Intelligence (from 1887) and finally as Director of Military Intelligence (from 1889 ).

Papers from 1883-1885 are chiefly concerned with the movement of men andsupplies in support of the Anglo-Egyptian force. From 1889 the papers increase in volume and cover Wingate's intelligence gathering activities in the Frontier District; the campaign against al-Najūmī and the Battle at Tushki (1889 ); arrangementsfor the escape of European prisoners held at Omdurman; the frontier incident of 1894; Wingate's brief service as Governor of the Red Sea Littoral and Commandant of Suakin in 1894 ; and the final advance towardsOmdurman culminating in the Battle of the Atbara (April 1898) , the Battle of Omdurman (September 1898) and the Fashoda incident (September 1898) . Although chiefly related to affairs in the Sudan, there are numerous references to Emin Pasha andStanley and affairs in Abyssinia, Uganda, Egypt and Somaliland.