Papers relating to homosexual rights and Christianity

Scope and Content

These papers include publications and letters from several organisations campaigning for gay rights, in particular the Albany Trust. Items of note include:

  • /1-2: Albany Trust publication At Work, nos. 1 and 3, Autumn 1976 and Summer 1977.
  • /3-4: Letters from Anthony Grey, Director of the Albany Trust, 19 and 21 October 1976.
  • /5: Norman Pittinger, 'The Christian response to Sexual Variation' (notes for Albany Trust Consultation), 6 December 1975.
  • /7: Circular letter form Mike Gibberd of the Campaign for Homosexual Equality.
  • /8: 'A Statement Against Blasphemy Law', Committee Against Blasphemy Law, January 1978. Takes the form of a leaflet with a list of signatories including Joan Bakewell, Melvin Bragg, Margaret Drabble, Derek Jacobi, Ludovic Kennedy, Frank Kermode and Angus Wilson.
  • /9: Norman Pittinger, 'Towards a Christian understanding of the homosexual', REACH, 1976.
  • /10: Rev. John A.T. Robinson, 'The place of law in the field of sex', Sexual Law Reform Society, 1972.
  • /16: 'Albany Trust Winter Talks 1962-1963'.
  • /18: Published version of the Bishop of Durham's letter expressing his opinion on the successful prosecution of Gay News for Blasphemy, April 1978.
  • /19: 'Homosexuality: Facts and Fallacies', Campaign for Homosexual Equality (n.d.)
  • /21: 'Report of the Working Party on the law relating to sexual behaviour', Sexual Law Reform Society, 5 September 1974.