Correspondence relating to Christianity and homosexual rights

Scope and Content

A small file of letters dating from the late 1950s and 1960s relating to the early days of Dyson's campaigning for the legalisation of homosexuality. These appear to have been retained by Dyson when related papers were extracted and presented to the London School of Economics Special Collections in 1990. Items of note include:

  • /1: Circular letter from Dyson, University College of North Wales, Bangor, dated 15 February 1958. In it, Dyson is asking for signatories to an open letter to The Times calling for the legalisation of homosexuality and mentioning that Dyson has sought the approval of the wording from E.M. Forster.
  • /3: Letter from Michael Adie, Chaplain to the Archbishop of Canterbury, dated 28 April 1958. Adie thanks Dyson for his letter and enclosures regarding the recommendations of the Wolfenden Report and states the Archbishop's support of them.
  • /4: Letter from Winifred Haddon, secretary to Leslie Weatherhead (1893-1976) of the City Temple, stating that he "does not feel that he can be a member of the Honorary Committee".
  • /9: Letter from "Edgar" [Wright] of the Albany Trust, dated 28 May 1965. He writes "how nice to hear from you again after so long" and "it's a great encouragement to know that you still have a paternal interest in your 'baby'" (a reference to Dyson's co-founding of the Albany Trust). He goes on to describe in detail discussions in the Palace of Westminster regarding legislation to legalise homosexuality and discusses a publication called Man and Society.
  • /11: Letter from "Edgar" [Wright] of the Homosexual Law Reform Society, dated 4 February 1966. He writes that "our Memorial has gone well - 500 top-rank signatures. We're taking it to Roy Jenkins on Monday". He also encloses photocopies of an article in the East Anglian Times which is condemnatory of homosexuality.
  • /12: Typed copy of the proposed open letter to the Editor of The Times calling for the implementation of the Wolfenden Report.
  • /15: Typed copy of an explanatory memorandum of the Sexual Offences (Amendment) Bill 1958.