Papers relating to homosexual rights and Christianity

Scope and Content

Papers mainly relating to gay rights and Christianity. In particular, there are papers relating to the Viva Trust and a conference on homosexuality and Christianity which Dyson organised at Pembroke College, Cambridge, in 1978. Items of note include:

  • /1: Printed information about the Viva Trust explaining the position since Dyson's resignation on the grounds of ill health (n.d.)
  • /2: Leaflet explaining the aims, work and reports of the Minority Rights Group (n.d.)
  • /3: Circular letter advertising the National Council for Civil Liberties signed by Patricia Hewitt, General Secretary, May 1978.
  • /4: Letter from "Brian" of Cheltenham, 3 March 1978. He asks Dyson's advice about English Literature courses and encloses a poem titled 'Cleaning Your Teeth at Training College'.
  • /5: Letter from "Bill" of The Committee Against Blasphemy Law, 13 January 1978. He thanks Dyson for the "encouraging letter and cheque". He also writes "one of the great mistakes that radicals and libertarians make is thinking that once a reform has been achieved it is safe for all time".
  • /28: Letter to W.A.B. Forbes of the Law Commission from Dyson dated 13 March 1979. Dyson discusses at length his views on the blasphemy law and censorship and his thoughts on the prosecution of Gay News for publishing a poem considered blasphemous by some.
  • /31: Information on the conference at Pembroke College, September 1978.