Letters from Thom Gunn

Scope and Content

In these letters, Gunn discusses candidly his homosexuality and his opinions of authors and publishers. Items of interest include:

  • /1: Letter dated 5 February 1981 in which Gunn discusses his idea for a Casebook and lists some reviews of his work. He also mentions contacting Michael Schmidt about a "homophobic letter" published in PN Review.
  • /6: Letter dated 15 July 1994. Gunn commiserates with Dyson on the death of Cliff Tucker. He also writes that "now, in my 65th year, I am beginning to feel awfully tired". He also discusses his homosexuality: "I could never believe that I was wrong, or unnatural or sick". Gunn encloses 46 pages of typescript poetry. He writes "The David poems are from this summer, and are designed to balance the Dhamer poems of last summer. There are probably poems that I would omit when it does eventually come down to a book".
  • /9: Letter dated 20 September [20]02. Gunn writes to Brian [Cox] commiserating with him on the death of Tony [Dyson] and thanking him for sending a copy of the obituary he had written. He states that he was proud of his association with Critical Quarterly and expresses admiration of Cox's work.