Miscellaneous letters

Scope and Content

Miscellaneous letters which include:

  • /1: Undated letter [1990s] from Michael Marshall, Bishop of Woolwich, arranging a meeting.
  • /2-4: Letters from the Woodland Trust regarding Dyson's donations of money.
  • /6: Letter from Rev. Philip Buckler, Vicar of Hampstead, dated 1 July 1995. He thanks Dyson for the information he provided from Keats and encloses a copy of a sermon from the 'Festival Service' [not present].
  • /7: Copy letter from Dyson to Stephen Dorrell as Secretary for State for Health, dated 28 July 1995. Dyson writes an impassioned letter in support of advanced directives. He writes of his belief in eternal life and the bad experience he had with his mother, who was kept alive artificially.
  • /8: Copy letter from Dyson to John Selwyn Gummer as Secretary of State for the Environment, dated 26 July 1995. Dyson writes in support of the Woodland Trust and of the preservation of trees and forests in general. He also states that he believes that John Major will win the next General Election and is dismissive of Tony Blair as being "Thatcher Mark 2" and "Murdoch-approved".