Letters from Kathleen Raine

Scope and Content

Letters from Kathleen Raine (1908-2003), poet. In the letter dated 21 July 1987 she thanks Dyson "for the cheque" for Norwich Tapes and describes travelling with "Muriel" to "a centenary memorial celebration of Edwin Muir at Rocjested Cathedral" [sic]. Raine goes on to say that she believes that "we all do our best in a dark age when it seems that civilization as we inherited it is over" and that "India gives more hope than anything in Europe", but suggests that India is being "infiltrated by the destructiveness of Western materialism". The letter dated 17 May 1992 returns to this theme, stating that "we are living in the Dark Age [T.S.] Eliot foresaw as following the end of European Christendom or perhaps at the turn of the Gyre of the Great Year foreseen by Yeats". She goes on to state that she is "glad you have sympathy with the Temenos experiment". Both letters are written on the headed paper of Temenos.