Draft literary works sent to Dyson

Scope and Content

These comprise:

  • /1: Hardback book of manuscript poetry in the hand of Thom Gunn, with pencil annotations/corrections by Dyson. These poems appear to have been published by Faber and Faber in 1971 as a collection called Moly.
  • /2: Photocopy of a typescript draft of a work on monsters, including the Loch Ness Monster, by Ted Holliday (n.d.)
  • 3/: Soft bound copy of Cross Purposes and Vocational Training: Two Anti-Romantic Stories by J.V. Stevenson (n.d.)
  • 4/: Unbound printout of novel Wellgrove Hall by Ethel Wynne Roberts (n.d.) Also included is a covering letter from "Sophy" dated 19 May 1994. She asks Dyson to read through the text and explains that it was written by her mother. She explains that she copied it from the original and has given it some basic editing.