Correspondence relating to the Campaign for Reason

Scope and Content

Correspondence mainly relating to the Campaign for Reason and the production of the pamphlet Towards a Charter of Homosexual Rights. Items of interest include:

  • /1: Copy letter to "Rolph" dated 27 September 1967. Dyson writes that "the passing of Abse's bill was a great triumph" and states that "[Lord] Wolfenden estimated that it would take 17 years in 1958". He also writes "now that the fear of blackmail has gone, it may be possible for homosexuals to meet one another respectably, and settle their private affairs privately".
  • /2: Letter from Thom [Gunn] to Dyson dated 15 August 1977. The letter is part typed and part handwritten. Gunn writes that he is "right behind you with the manifesto".
  • /5: Letter from the Barcelona Gay Liberation Front dated 3 May 1978. They thank the Campaign for Reason for sending a copy of Towards a Charter of Homosexual Rights.
  • /6: Letter to the Campaign for Reason dated 25 May 1978 from a correspondent who accuses the campaign of being "nothing more than a thin veneer of respectability for what is essentially a puffs' action group designed like most quasi-criminal groups allegedly appealing to the liberal humanist element in society, to portray society as "sick" and themselves as the helpless victims of this misguided and abhorring society." He adds further accusations, and speaks at length about the revulsion he feels for homosexuality, hoping there will be "a hardening of attitude against moves to allow this sexual perversion to impinge on decent society any further".
  • /7: 'Towards a Charter of Homosexual Rights: A Dangerous and Damaging Document' by Bernard Greaves of the Liberal Party Policy Panel on Gay Rights and Jonathan Cutbill of Gay Icebreakers. They condemn the document as being "complacent, patronising and pretentious" and criticise the anonymity of the authors.
  • /8: Letter from Jonathan Cutbill to 'Mr X' [Dyson] relating to the Charter.