Papers relating to homosexual rights

Scope and Content

Material produced by campaigning and support groups for homosexuals including organisations Dyson helped establish. Items of note include:

  • /1: Letter from "Edgar", 13 December 1977. Encloses a heavily corrected draft of the Charter of Homosexual Rights (present).
  • /2: Copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Albany Society Ltd, 4 April 1968.
  • /3: Letter from Marjorie Bryaton of the Albany Society, 9 December 1977. She regrets that the society is unable to financially support [the Charter] due to restrictions placed on it by its charitable status.
  • /4: Memorandum and Articles of Association of Albany Society Ltd, 1968.
  • /5: Letter from Michael Hutchinson of the Friends Homosexual Fellowship (Quakers), 18 July 1978. Encloses a pamphlet produced by them.
  • /9: Ralph Blair and John P. Rash, 'Homosexuality and Religion', (Otherwise Monograph Series, n.d.)
  • /10: 'Gay Rights; What to say to your MP',Campaign for Homosexual Equality (n.d.)
  • /11: 'Homosexuality and the Biblical Tradition', unauthorised Baptist Report (n.d.)
  • /12: 'Draft Appeal to Charitable Trusts' (Viva Trust, n.d.)
  • /13-15: Copy letters to "Ken" regarding the Viva Trust, 1 and 4 September 1979.
  • /18: Copy letter to "Edgar", 23 November 1979. Dyson writes about Edgar's "Super letter" to The Times. He also writes that he is finding Norwich Tapes "rather punishing".
  • /30: John Hick, 'The New Nazism of the National Front and National Party: A Warning to Christians', ca. 1977.
  • /31: Letter from "Edgar", 7 July 1978. He encloses a typescript copy of 'Gay Stocktaking' by Anthony Grey for New Humanist.

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