A series of handwritten notebooks providing a short history (in alphabetical order) of the hamlets, villages and towns of the East Riding of Yorkshire not including Hull.

Scope and Content

The history generally begins with a short paragraph noting the size of the township in acres, how far it is situated from surrounding places and its population size for specific years. Many of the entries also begin with a hand-drawn or traced map of the area and its main features. Any details found in the Domesday Book are provided in the history and mention is often made of notable individuals associated with the community, such as the owners of the local manor. The degree of detail varies from place to place, with some sections having been edited and some notebooks having had pages cut out. A few notebooks also contain newspaper cuttings relating to the places found within that notebook. The entry for Beverley is found in its own notebook at reference U DX37/2, with three other volumes, and its history is written in the form of a chronological table giving the year, king, archbishop [of York], Provost and any further notes about the event in question. Bridlington's history is also written in a similar table.

Access Information

Access will be granted to any accredited reader