Minutes of Council and Committees, 1883-1988

Scope and Content

The minutes of Council - and of the committees reporting to it - were recorded in different ways over the years. Sometimes the volumes contain Council minutes and reports only, and at others they also include minutes of the other committees. During the periods when committee minutes were recorded in a separate series of volumes, there are still reports from each committee to Council. Most minutes are signed. The Council minutes also contain ad-hoc reports, draft and copy agreements, Special Meetings (which don't seem to be signed). From 1883-1949, Council minutes were recorded separately to the committees. From 1883-1911, Committees each have their own series. From 1911-1949, Committee minutes were recorded in one series of volumes. From 1949-1972, Council and committees were combined. From 1972-1988, Council minutes were recorded separately to the committees. Some of the other committees include: Sites and buildings; Classes (relating to Adult Education throughout the area); Finance; Legal Instruction Advisory Committee; Executive Appeal Committee; Athletic Grounds; Joint Board of Legal Education of Cardiff and Swansea University Colleges; Hostel Advisory. The title of each volume will specify whether it contains Council only, committees only, or Council and committees.