Council, 1883-1988

Scope and Content

Membership comprised President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Principal, one Professor annually elected by the Senate, three persons nominated by the Lord President of the Council, and 33 other persons elected. The 1884 Charter confirms that the Council was appointed, subject to the Statutes of the College, to: Manage the financial and ordinary business of the College, and appoint Auditors for the examination of accounts; Keep the record of and see to the due maintenance of the lists of the members of the Council and the Registers of Students; Direct the affixing of the College Seal; Appoint, pay, and remove the Registrar and other officers and servants of the College; Appoint the fees to be paid by students; Expel students; Discharge such other functions and have such other powers as Statutes of the College from time to time prescribe; Present an Annual Report to the Governors; Sanction, modify, or reject courses of study submitted by the Senate; Receive reports from the Senate on the attendance of the students.