Picker X-ray Corporation

Scope and Content

This section comprises trade literature for X-ray products manufactured by the Picker X-ray Corporation.

The James Picker Company for the sale and distribution of X-ray supplies was founded in 1915 by James Picker in New York. In 1921 it became the Picker X-ray Corporation. The Waite and Bartlett company of Long Island City, New York was an early American manufacturer of electro-medical and X-ray equipment. Waite and Bartlett never developed a national sales organisation to take advantage of commercial opportunities and in 1929 Picker purchased the company. In 1930 Picker purchased assets of the Engeln Electric Company, Cleveland, Ohio (who had developed the first American made Bucky diaphragm in 1920). After this time, the new Picker Company was formed, but Waite name was still used. The first x-ray equipment produced in this new 'era' was an enclosed, shockproof vertical fluoroscope. In 1981 Picker was acquired by GEC (U.K.). It was merged with Cambridge Instruments, GEC Medical and American Optical to form Picker International.

Also in this section is a small collection of trade literature for X-ray products manufactured by F. Mattern MFG. Company, Chicago. This material has been listed here because it was found filed amongst the Waite-Picker trade literature, suggesting a link between the two companies. No further information about Mattern has been found, although the company's logo possesses similarities to the early Waite-Picker company logo, hinting at a possible connection.