Inauguration and Governance of the Triennial Gold Medal

Scope and Content

The material in this series covers the inauguration of the medal including the original Declaration of Trust and examples of the Medal. There is also an offprint of an article from the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, 1984, "The Emblems, Medals and Medallists of the Royal Asiatic Society" by John Hansman, which contains information pertinent to researchers of the Triennial Gold Medal.


The Series was organised according to types of material. Thus:

  • RAS TGM/1/1 - Declaration of Trust Document
  • RAS TGM/1/2 - Costs re Gold Medal Trust Deed
  • RAS TGM/1/3 - Subscription Information
  • RAS TGM/1/4 - Printed Declaration of Trust Documents
  • RAS TGM/1/5 - Medals
  • RAS TGM/1/6 - The Emblems, Medals and Medallists of the Royal Asiatic Society

Related Material

The Council Minutes for the Royal Asiatic Society hold information concerning the inauguration of the Triennial Gold Medal:

  • The Medal was first suggested in 1887. Minutes for 21st February 1887, 21st March 1877, 19th December 1887 and 4th January 1878 contain pertinent information.
  • The question of the Medal was addressed in the Minutes for 9th February 1897: "On the no how of Mr Wollaston a committee to consist of himself as chairman, Prof Blundall Dr Gasto Dr Thornton and the officers of the Society was appointed to consider the question of a medal to be given from time to time by the Society for the best work published on Oriental questions". The first meeting of this Committee was minuted on 24th February 1897.
  • Subsequent Medal Committee meetings are minuted and Council Minutes record that they have been reported upon and discussed through 1897.
  • Minutes for 9 November 1897 show that a cheque has been sent to Pinches for dies of the medal.
  • The Council Minutes in 1900 continue to contain reports from the Medal Committee regarding the setting up of the Fund and the Declaration of Trust.

The General Meeting Minutes for May 1900 report that a draft of the deed to regulate the medal fund was approved by the Society.

In the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, 1898, p.667f., in the report of the Anniversary General Meeting, there is information regarding the inauguration of the Triennial Gold Medal. Journals for July and October 1900 also include details of the medal and lists of subscribers.