'Chapter 8. The Jelly-Bag Burglars. Birch tree'

Scope and Content

Pen and ink line drawing of a birch tree by Elinor Lyon for 'Carver's Journey'. The drawing is initialled 'EBL', and appears as a chapter heading for chapter 8, on page 93 of the published book. The chapter number and chapter title are inscribed above the illustration, and the title 'Birch tree' is inscribed at the bottom-right of the illustration. An area has been cut out of the bottom-left corner of the page, and it appears this is where the words 'Birch tree' were originally written, before being cut out and pasted into position beside the drawing.

The illustration is annotated with sizing instructions for the printer. Two holes have been punched in the left-hand margin and the number '6820' has been ink-stamped on the reverse.