Correspondence concerning the establishment of the lectureship in Medical Genetics which was established in 1961 for Ferguson-Smith

Scope and Content

Contents of Ferguson-Smith's envelope so inscribed: Correspondence in Prof. Pontecorvo's files passed to me by Prof. J. A. Pateman (his successor) and relating to the establishment of my Lectureship in Medical Genetics in 1961, the efforts to obtain research funds and technical support, and the later proposals in 1964 to share the Lectureship with the Department of Child Health and establish a cytogenetic (diagnostic) laboratory at the RHSC, Yorkhill .

Ferguson-Smith's letter of 28 November 1960 sets out the facilities he enjoys at Johns Hopkins, his plans for research and his thoughts on medical genetics in Britain. He corresponds with Professor Daniel Fowler Cappell, Professor Charles M Fleming (Dean of the Medical Faculty), Professor Guido Pontecorvo, and the Medical Research Council over funds for research projects. Also includes correspondence concerning the appointment of Patricia M Ellis as Ferguson-Smith's research assistant and his progress report from 1961-1963.