Scope and Content

annual reports of Medical Officers of Health under Sec 19 Local Government Act 1888 - see Borough, Urban & Rural District Councils

Urban & Rural Sanitary Authorities 1889-1894, Urban & Rural District Councils 1895-, Borough Councils 1896-1974


(1889-) tables of deaths (A) & new cases of sickness (B) by disease/age/locality; pop & births by locality; printed report; corres

(1908-) general report with info on births, deaths (infants, etc), specific diseases (eg Zymotic), water supply, refuse collection, isolation hospitals, sanitary inspection, infectious diseases notification, Factory Acts inspections; tables & stats

(1914-) reports more extensive (can include detailed info on sanitary and health conditions in an area) & sep reports by Sanitary Inspectors/Inspectors of Nuisances; usually in printed booklets (except 1916-1918 in most districts)