Scope and Content

common seal with Ox & Ford adopted in 1914

initial enquiry re Coat of Arms to Herald's College 25/5/34; little progress before war due to lack of interest & pressure of other matters but clearly favoured by Clerk (Scott)

motion by Alderman J H Morrell instructing General Purposes Committee to look into matter passed 12/5/48; OCC accepted GP Subcommittee report & made an application to College of Arms Jan-Feb 1949; Letters Patent confirming grant reported to GP Com meeting, 7 Jul 1949

official copy of Letters Patent presently (2009) hanging in reception at County Hall

Gerald Gale Burkitt, Clerk, proposed the creation of a county emblem as distinct from the Council's coat of arms to Lord Macclesfield, Chairman, in Feb 1960; to be based on some part of the coat of arms; idea shelved in Feb 1961 but revived in 1968 (GP Com report 5/11/68); Council adopted design (ram with tower) by County Architect, A E Smith, 17/2/70

County Buildings Com authorised purchase of banner (flag) for County Hall plus 3 car pennants 6/3/69, ordered from Porter Bros of Liverpool, received 7/7/69 at total price of £52 5s

A revised Coat of Arms for the new County Council were granted by Letters Patent, 25/5/1976 (hanging in County Hall dining room)

Note: the Council Chamber has the 1976 Arms over the Speaker's Chair as well as plaques with names of chairmen since 1889, portraits of 1st 3 chairs (1889-1929): Jersey, Valentia, Ashurst