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Thos. Agnew & Sons created and maintained various indexes over the course of their history, most of which date to the late 19th-20th centuries. They have been arranged as follows:

NGA27/31/1: Indexes to Pictures

NGA27/31/2: Indexes to Drawings

NGA27/31/3: Indexes to On Sale (Bo/s) Books

NGA27/31/4: Indexes to Private Collectors

NGA27/31/5: Indexes to Specific Collections

NGA27/31/6: Indexes to Photographs and Negatives

NGA27/31/7: Card Indexes (including Card Indexes to Paintings, Watercolours and Drawings, On Sale (Bo/s) artworks, Turner Pictures, Turner Drawings, Exhibitions, Clients, Authours, Subjects, etc)

NGA27/31/8: Indexes to Property at Auctions

NGA27/31/9: Indexes to Waiting Order Books

NGA27/31/10: Indexes to Christie's Stencil Marks

NGA27/31/11: Indexes to Clients

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