Scope and Content

The following compromise a series of almost a thousand glass lantern slides ( DW/WL 309-1145) and glass negatives (DD/WL 1146-1267) compiled by C G Caldecott, a pharmaceutical chemist whose business premises was at 24 Regent Street, Wrexham. A wide variety of subjects were covered including foreign tours to Japan, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium and Spain and local topics such as ancient monuments, churches, historic houses and gardens and the countryside. The slides and negatives are mostly undated but outside dates c 1900-c 1925 can be ascribed.

The collection was stored in protective wooden boxes and the original box order has been retained though sub-headings have been introduced in the following list. The fragile nature of the slides and negatives and chemical reactions in the emulsions used in the development process have caused damage and fading to some items. The originals have been copied onto contact prints to prevent further loss and only the contact prints will in future be produced.


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