Scope and Content

1-8, 49d-52d Northamptonshire Chantry certificates II (see Add.MS.14).
9-126, 62d-125d Nottinghamshire Chantry certificates II (see Add. S.13).
9d-13d L'archeologie du moyen age.
14d-17d Edward I's foreign journey 1286-9.
18d-20d John Prophet.
21d Grantham prebends (see Add.MS.12).
22d-24d, 129-140d Bridgnorth prebends (see Add.MS.14).
27d-33d Edward I's itinerary.
34d-40d, 126d-128d Henbury chantry (see Add. MS.12).
41d-46d appropriated churches.
47d-48d Barnby le Willows advowson case.
53d-57d Northamptonshire Chantries: particulars of grants.
57d-60d Lowick & Aldwinkle chantries.
61d Hastings College (see Add. MS.12).
127d-128 John Clarell (Edward I plea roll).

Additional Information