Scope and Content

1-55 notes from letters and papers Henry VIII (see 57).
1d-9d Domesday burghs and castles.
10d-20d Taverham hundred, Norfolk: feudal aids, Domesday etc (see 22d-26d, 31d-33d).
21d-22d Stanway etc: Domesday
22d-26d Taverham hundred: Quo warranto etc.
26d-30d Henbury hundred rolls etc. (see 33d)
31d-33d Taverham hundred: Testa de Nevill etc.
33d Henbury: Valor Ecclesiasticus.
34d-47d Breconshire: chantries etc. (see 57d-60).
48d-52d Staffordshire: chantry certificates.
53d-56d Llanddewi Brefi: chantry certificate (see 34d, 57, 57d).
57 letters and papers Henry VIII vols. xiv, xvi. Bridgnorth, Brecon.
57d-60 Brecon: chantry certificates cont.
60d-62 Leicestershire: chantry certificates.
63d-70 lecture notes (literary).

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