Register of baptisms, marriages and burials.

Scope and Content

Baptisms, marriages and burials for

1633-1754 are in one sequence, starting

on fol.6.

Baptisms and burials only for 1754-1794

begin on fol.69.

Dates of birth are regularly given for

1653-1660, and usually for 1686-1735. A

note at the start of the book records

that when the book was begun in 1633, no

Register for the earlier years could be


On fol.1v is an extract from a will

providing for the apprenticing of boys

from Holton, 1701. On fol.2 are

memoranda concerning the church and the

Cheyney family, early 18th cent. On

fol.85 are accounts of the scouring of

Holton Marish Close brook, and of

allowances at Fulwell Bush in the East

field, 1709, and a list of public gates

belonging to the parish, early 18th


89 leaves.