Keyes Papers. Vol. xccvii. Other family papers; 1906-1942, n.d.

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Keyes Papers. Vol. xccvii. Other family papers; 1906-1942, n.d.


1. Mementoes of Roger and Eva Keyes’s wedding; 1906. Printed. Partly German. Press-cuttings and a photographic keepsake.

2. Programme of a play in which Eva Keyes appeared in January 1907. Printed.

3. Charles Patton Keyes (b.1822, d.1896), Keyes’s father; 1896, n.d. Printed. Bookplate, a copy letter congratulating him on his appointment to the Order of the Bath, and press-cutting announcing Sir Charles’ death.

4. Lady Katherine Keyes (b. circa 1849, d.1916), Keyes’s mother. Letter (17 Oct. 1883) from Lady Keyes to Mr Haines, India Office, discussing the death of her son, Norman; letter (23 Feb. 1906) from Edward Salvin Bowlby, Keyes’s father-in-law, to Lady Keyes, discussing Eva and Roger’s engagement.

5. Terence Keyes (b.1877, d.1939), Keyes’s brother. Typewritten text of a reference to Terence Keyes’s exploits in Persia in World War One, from Hansard; 20 Dec. 1917. For correspondence of Terence and Roger Keyes see Add. 82391.

6. Adrian St Vincent Keyes (b.1882, d.1926), Keyes’s brother. Printed ‘Passing Certificate in Navigation and Pilotage’; 9 Nov. 1910. For correspondence of Adrian and Roger Keyes see Add. 82390.

7. Geoffrey Charles Tasker Keyes (b.1917, d.1941), Keyes’s eldest son; 1941-1942. Typewritten. Geoffrey Keyes, a member of the Commandos Keyes was instrumental in establishing as Director of Combined Operations (see Add. 82527-82530) was killed leading an attack on Rommel’s desert H.Q., for which he was awarded a posthumous Victoria Cross. He was buried with full military honours by the Germans. Contains references to Geoffrey Keyes in Col. Laycock’s report of the raid, an extract from an unidentified letter written by Keyes, and an extract from a letter from Gen. Sir Alan Cunningham. Geoffrey Keyes’s story is told in a book by his sister, Elizabeth Keyes, Geoffrey Keyes (London: George Newnes Ltd., 1956).

8. Roger George Bowlby Keyes (b.1919, d.2005), Keyes’s second son, 2nd Baron Keyes; 1932-1940. Contains Admiralty notification of Roger G. B. Keyes’s entry to the Royal Naval College, Dartmouth, a printed certificate of his appointment to HMS Ajax, and his mention in despatches for his actions on HMS Wyvern when she was hit by German aircraft off the coast of the Netherlands in May 1940.

9. Other family members; 1910-1942, n.d. Contains correspondence of Katherine Wintour née Keyes, Keyes’s sister; an order of service for the funeral of Lionel Henry Salvin Bowlby, Eva Keyes’s brother, killed in action in June 1916; Ethel Keyes; Dorothea Gough née Keyes, Keyes sister; Isabelle Elphick and Alfred Keyes, Keyes’s cousins; copy Admiralty notification of John Wintour’s mention in despatches in 1942 (John Wintour was Roger Keyes’s nephew); and notes relating to the Keyes pedigree, arms, and ancestry.

Roger George Bowlby Keyes, 2nd Baron Keyes: Papers rel. to: 1940.

Lieutenant-Colonel Geoffrey Charles Tasker Keyes, VC; son of Admiral of the Fleet Sir Roger Keyes: Papers rel. to: 1941-1942.

Lady Katherine Keyes, wife of General Sir Charles Keyes; mother of Admiral of the Fleet Sir Roger Keyes: Correspondence of: 1883-1906.

General Sir Charles Patton Keyes, father of Admiral of the Fleet Sir Roger Keyes: Papers rel. to: 1896, n.d.

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