Deputy Chief of the Naval Staff

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Deputy Chief of the Naval Staff

82509. Keyes Papers. Vol. cxxxvii. Papers as Deputy Chief of the Naval Staff; 10 Dec. 1921– 25 March 1924, n.d. Keyes replaced Vice-Adm. Sir Osmond de B. Brock as Deputy Chief of the Naval Staff on 1 November 1921.


1. Papers relating to the organisation, size, and disposition of the fleet; 10 Dec. 1921 – 25 March 1924, n.d. Includes a parliamentary paper concerning the development of Singapore Naval Base (Cmd. 2083). Partly printed.

2. Papers relating to the role and responsibilities of the Deputy and Assistant Chiefs of the Naval Staff; 6 Feb. 1922 – 20 April 1923, n.d.

3. Admiralty Board meeting agenda to discuss Captains recommended for retirement. Includes a list of the Captains concerned; 22 June 1922.

4. Papers relating to the 1921-1922 Washington Naval Conference, including Cmd. 1627 detailing the resolutions and treaties agreed; 29 July – 24 Nov. 1922, n.d. Partly printed.

5. Papers relating to the Lausanne Conference of 1922-1923 at which a new peace treaty with Turkey was drawn up allowing free passage for warships through the Dardanelles in peace time and demilitarising the Straits; 29 Nov. 1922 – 7 Sept. 1923, n.d. Partly French.

6. Keyes’s minute on part of Sir Julian Corbett’s official history of naval operations in World War One; 5 Jan. 1923.

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