Keyes Papers. Vol. clxxxviii. Other papers: poetry and literature; 1926-19 ... 

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Keyes Papers. Vol. clxxxviii. Other papers: poetry and literature; 1926-1942, n.d. For papers relating to books, articles, and letters to the press written by Keyes see Add. 82544-82551.


1. The Luck of the Navy, by Oscar Boulton (London: Hazel, Watson, & Viney, 1926), printed. Two copies, one inscribed by the author.

2. The Chanty of the Nona, by Hilaire Belloc (London: Faber, 1928]), printed.

3. ‘The Choice of the Blind Brigade’, by ‘G.A.M.’; Nov. 1935. Typewritten.

4. ‘At Navy Week’, by C. B. Pratt; Nov. 1936. Typewritten.

5. ‘Gloves Off’, by ‘C.R.’; July 1942. Typewritten with MS annotation.

6. “Thank God I Have Done My Duty”, text of a speech by Nelson; n.d. Printed.

7. ‘Nelson’s Prayer’; n.d. Printed.

8. Speech by John of Gaunt in Richard II; n.d. Printed. Six copies.

9. ‘Drake’s Prayer’ and ‘Nelson’s Prayer’; n.d. Printed.

10. ‘Extract from Sir Walter Raleigh’s Observations on the Navy and Sea-Service’; n.d. Printed. Two copies.

11. The Great European War, by N. A. Baldwin (London: The Stepney Press, n.d.), printed.

12. Pageant of British Naval History, A.D. 1 – A.D. 1941, anon.; n.d. Printed proofs.

13. ‘The O.B.E.’, anon.; n.d. Typewritten.

14. Parody of Rudyard Kipling’s ‘If’, anon., [in Keyes’s hand?]; n.d.

15. ‘Hope’, by ‘A.R.G.’ ; n.d. Printed.

16. ‘Less Nonsense’, by A. P. Herbert; n.d. Typewritten.

17. ‘Opportunity’, [by Walter Malone]; n.d.

18. “Jesus, whose lot with us was cast”, anon.; n.d. Typewritten. Two copies.

19. “It’s God Almighty, praise his name”, anon.; n.d. Typewritten.

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