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Keyes Papers. Vol. cxxix. ZO operational orders, reports, and casualties; 7 April 1918– 23 April 1931, n.d.


1. Memorandum on the object of the operation, issued by Keyes ‘to all Ranks concerned’; 7 April 1918.

2. Operational orders; [April 1918]. Contains orders for fleet movements, a timetable for the operation, orders for smoke-screening, instructions on reporting wind speed and direction, a meteorological report, a summary of vessels in the main force, and orders on long-range and aerial bombardment of Zeebrugge in the hours ahead of the fleet reaching Zeebrugge and Ostend.

3. Texts of telegrams reporting progress of the operation; 23 April 1918.

4. Operation ZO reports; 24 April – 16 June 1918. Partly printed. Contains Keyes’s draft official report on the operation to the Admiralty; Admiralty minutes re. publication of the report; details of German U-boat usage of the Dover Straits in 1918; and reports from individual vessels involved in the raid.

5. Lists of seamen killed, injured, or missing; 24 April – 9 March 1918.

6. Texts of congratulatory telegrams, including telegrams received on the 13th anniversary; 23 April 1918 – 23 April 1931, n.d. Partly printed.

7. Intelligence reports on the outcome of Operation ZO; 24 April – 10 May 1918.

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