Keyes Papers. Vols. cxxiii-cxxvi. Dover Patrol: Whilst in the post of Director of Plans it became apparent that German submarines were passing through the Dover Straits unmolested. Vice-Adm. Bacon, Admiral of the Dover Patrol, suggested a huge minefield. Plans Division insisted that the mines would be ineffective unless they were patrolled by surface ships, with lights at night, which would force submarines to dive and sail into the mines. Bacon felt this would leave surface ships vulnerable to attack and also give away the location of the minefields. Bacon faced powerful opposition from the Admiralty and was relieved of his duties at Dover. Keyes took command of the Dover Patrol on 1 January 1918, as acting Vice-Admiral. See also Add. 82504 A-D.

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Submarines: Adm. Keyes's papers on submarines: 1907-1933, n.d.

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