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Keyes Papers. Vol. cxxxix. Papers relating to relations with Turkey and the dispute with Turkey over Mosul; 27 Aug. 1925– 27 Feb. 1926, n.d. After World War One, the League of Nations awarded Mosul to Iraq, then a British protectorate. It was feared that Turkey might attempt to seize the region by force and Keyes, as C-in-C Mediterranean, prepared plans for a naval response should such an event occur.


1. Papers relating to visits to Gallipoli war graves and a Turkish complaint to the League of Nations regarding British naval exercises near the Turkish coast; 27 Aug. – 2 Sept. 1925.

2. Appreciations of the situation in Turkey; 3 Dec. 1925 – 6 Feb. 1926, n.d. Contains appreciations of the ramifications should Turkey attack Iraq, potential responses to an attack, and Keyes’s plans for a naval assault.

3. Intelligence reports; 2 – 5 Feb. 1926.

4. Texts of telegrams; 19 Dec. 1925 – 27 Feb. 1926, n.d.

Mosul, Iraq: Ad. Keyes's papers on the Mosul crisis: 1925-1926, n.d.

Dardanelles, Turkey: Adm. Keyes's papers on the Dardanelles Campaign: 1888-1920.

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