Scope and Content


1. Mary Stuchbury of Baynard's Green,

Stoke Lyne, Widow.

2. a) Thomas Stuchbury of Brackley,

Northants., Grocer.

b) John Stuchbury of Baynards Green,


c) Henry Stuchbury of the same,


3. John Bathe of Bicester, Grocer.

PROPERTY: 2 grounds commonly called the

Third and Fourth grounds in Fewcott in

Stoke Lyne near Jarvis' House; other

pieces of land in Fewcot called the

Fifth Ground and the Little Ground; a

messuage with brewhouse and malthouse,

also in Fewcot, and the reversion on the


CONSIDERATION: £800 (from 3 to 2).

COMMENTS: John Stuchbury, the late

husband of 1, had left the above

property to 2 as trustees, so that 1

would have the property for life. 2 wish

to raise money on the land, and

therefore mortgage it to 3, with 1's


The deed bears an endorsement, dated 24

Mar 1870, as follows:



1. a) Robert Bathe of Bicester, Gent.

b) William Bathe of St. Albans,

Herts., Gent. (the surviving sons of

John Bathe above).

2. a) Thomas Stuchbury of Northampton,

Commercial Clerk.

b) John Stuchbury of Baynards Green,

Farmer and Malster.

c) Henry Stuchbury of the same,

Farmer and Malster.

CONSIDERATION: £800 (from 2 to 1).

COMMENTS: 2 repays the above mortgage to

1, who reconvey all their rights in it

to 2.