Joseph Szigeti; material relating to publications

Scope and Content

This file contains notes, scores and short drafts relating to the following two books written by Szigeti:

Szigeti, J. (1964) A violinist's notebook: 200 music examples with notes for practice and performance. London, Gerald Duckworth.

Szigeti, J. (1969) Szigeti on the violin. London: Cassell & Co. Ltd.

The majority of the material appears to relate to 'Szigeti on the violin'

Also includes correspondence regarding the books:

-letter to Joska form an unknown correspondent, dated 30 December 1960, concerning editorial and publishing details relating to 'A violinist's notebook'

-three letters from Mervyn [Horder], Gerald Duckworth & Co. Ltd., dated between 27 November 1962-6 October 1964

-nineteen letters from Szigeti to Armide, dated between 22 September 1963-1 September 1968, concerning her editorial assistance on 'Szigeti on the violin'. Also includes a draft reply from Armide, [undated]

-letter from Joska to Manoug Parikian, dated 19 February 1967, concerning the 'Tyson manuscript'. Also includes a reply from Parikian, dated 30 April 1967

-four letters from Nicholas Flower, Gillian Hamilton and Annette Carter, Cassell and Company Ltd. (publishers), dated between 20 March 1967-5 March 1969, concerning the publication of 'Szigeti on the Violin'. Also includes a draft reply from Armide to Carter, dated 23 September 1968

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