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By John Davies of Perth y Maen of his power of Charge of £500, reserved to him by his Marriage Settlement (dated 10 March 1752) before he married Mary his wife, and also by a Settlement of 21 December, 1771, and to be a further security from the said John Davies and William Davies of Henfryn, father of the said John Davies, to Richard Barker of Little Sutton co. Chester for a term of 99 years thereby created of and in their lands and hereditaments in the parishes named in D/GG/43 and vested in Joseph Snow of the city of Chester, a trustee of the said Richard Barker. Also a Mortgage for £140 on the said lands, making in all a sum of £640:

£60.13s.0d. paid to John Davies and/or William Davies;

£124.2s.0d. paid to Mary Norman, widow, of Axton co. Flint;

£50.11s.0d. paid to Mwyndeg Jones of Gronant co. Flint;

£40.15s.0d. paid to Thomas Foulk of Waen Wen co. Flint;

£363.19s.0d. paid to Hester Norman of Axton.

Witnesses: William Hamilton, Tho. Huxley, J. Strengfellow, James Owen, Sam Mathens.

Affidavit in Chancery annexed (dated 30 December 1771) by William Hamilton.


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