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In the penalty of £2800 by John Davies of Henfryn co. Flint, and Edward Davies of Henfryn, to Pyers Mostyn of Holywell co. Flint, and Thomas Thomas of Downing co. Flint for the payment of £1420 and interest to the said Pyers Mostyn and Thomas Thomas, and also to observe covenants mentioned in an Indenture bearing even date with these presents, between Maria Limbrey of the 1st. part, Peter Snow of the 2nd part, Abel Ward of the 3rd part, John Davies and Mary his wife of the 4th part, Edward Davies of the 5th part, Pyers Mostyn and Thomas Thomas of the 6th part, and Edward Edwards of the 7th part.

Witnesses: Hugh Lloyd, Tho. Huxley.


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