Mortgage for £1000

Scope and Content

Being a demise for 500 years from Edward Morgan of Golden Grove co. Flint to Pyers Mostyn, late of Holywell, now of Grafton co. Worcester, and Thomas Thomas of Downing co. Flint, of the capital messuage of Henfryn in the parish of Rhelofynnydd or Newmarket now in the holding of Ellis Evans, and all closes belonging called by the several names of 'Brynteg' 'Brynteg Maes' and 'Henfryn Braich y dadle' the meadow now in two parts called by the several names of 'Coitie Llwys', 'Coitie'r Orsedd', 'Coitie Bud' alias 'Tir marl' 'Coitie'r Waen' 'Coitie'r Bryn' and all that messuage of Edward Morgan called 'Tyn y Pant' and the two closes belonging named 'Coitie tyn y pant' in Rhelofynnydd or Newmarket and that messuage in the parish of Gwayniscor co. Flint called 'Bryn Llwyn' with the closes named in No. 52.

Witnesses: R. M. Barker, J. Monk Junior.

Documents enclosed with the said Mortgage:

(i) January 1 1782. Promise by J. W. Davies, Edw. Davies and Edw. Edwards, to deliver to Pyers Mostyn an Indenture dated 28 October 1781, being an assignment of certain Mortgages therein recited of the Estates of the said John Davies, Mary his wife, and Edw. Davies, to the said Pyers Mostyn, Thomas Thomas and Edw. Edwards, for securing the several sums of £1600 and £1420 (see D/GG/49).

(ii) May 21 1796. Receipt. Mary Davies acknowledges receipt from Mr. Barker of the sum of £20, being the arrears of interest due to her from Mr. Davies of Plaisdran.

(iii) April 28 1796. Bond, in the penalty of £2000 from Edward Morgan to Pyers Mostyn and Thomas Thomas to cause to be paid to them the sum of £1000 being the same sum mentioned and secured by an Indenture of Mortgage bearing equal date with this present.

Witnesses: R. M. Barker, J. Monk Junior.


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