Scope and Content


1) Elena Marchaund de Stoke Bassette [North Stoke]

2) John Wythinton, husband of 1

Suibject of transaction: 1 enfeoffs 2 with 1 plot of land, 7 acres & a piece of meadow (in North Stoke?)

Placenames: Berrefeld/Berefeld/Berfelde; Hemeforlong/Hemeforelong; Wowforelong; Longforelong; (viam ducentem versus) Redyngia [Reading]; Codhers; Smethithorn; Longzerdes; (viam ducentem versus ecclesiam in) Hyppsden [Ipsden]; Lokforlong; Sowthclay; Heggsforlong; Wytehull; Ratilforlong; Sowthfeld; Nodeway (roadname)

Witnesses: Philip Howldfrende, John Justes, Richard Cowrte, Thomas Neele, John Poterne

Date: Feast of Saint Clements [23 Nov] in the 13th year of the reign of Richard II [1389]

Language: Latin

Pendant seal

A photocopy of this item has been catalogued as Marmion II/i/1