Deed of Award or Arbitration

Scope and Content


1a) John Walshe gent

1b) John Prydeary gent

2) John Marmyon gent, son and heir of Anthony Marmion gent deceased

3) Arthure Marmyon, brother of John

Subject of transaction: arising from disputes between 2 & 3 concerning the Manor of Adwell, and other property in Rotherfelde Grey [Rotherfield Greys] and North Stoke formerly held by Anthony their father; 2 & 3 are bound to accept arbitration by 1 in the sum of 1000 marks; Anthony conveyed inheritance of the properties to Rycharde Bodman & others & heirs to his own use for the rest of his life and after his decease, one moiety to the use of John Marmyon and heirs, the other moiety to the use of Joanna then the wife of Anthonye and mother in law of John & Arthure for the rest of her life, and after her decease to the use of John and his heirs for ever, contrary to which Anthony conveyed an estate of inheritance of part of the premises to Arthure but made no other provision for him.

The arbitrators decide that: Arthure Marmyon is to convey by the following Easter legal assurances giving up all right or title to the above premises in return for £100 to be paid in two parts of £50 at the Feast of St George [23 April] 1554 and 1555 in the cathedral church of St Paul's London [specific place therein and time given]; any payments outstanding to cease if Arthur dies before they become due; Johnn Marmyon to pay to Arthure Marmyon during the continuation of his apprenticeship to Thomas Whyte, Alderman in London, 4 marks yearly in equal portions at the Feasts of the Annunciation of Our Lady [25 March] and St Michael the Archangel [29 Sep]

Language: English

Two pendant seals embossed with (1) head (2) initials IP [presumably John Prydeary/Predyary]

A photocopy of this item has been catalogued as Marmion III/i/4