Scope and Content


1) John de Burghfeld.

2) Joan de Burghfeld, dau. of 1.

3) John, son of Agnes Burel.

4) Alice, dau. of Agnes Burel.

5) Agnes, dau. of Agnes Burel.

6) John de Cadeburi.

Description: 1 enfeoffs 2 with all messuages & lands in Stoke Basset, Ippesdene & Mongewelle; if she dies s.p., then to 3, followed by 4, followed by 5, followed by 6.

Place(s): North Stoke (Crowmarsh); Ipsden; Mongewell (Crowmarsh).

Endorsements: (a) Witness to Sealing: John Loveday, Benedict le Engleis, Robert Bucti (?), John Garston, William Pouer, et al.

Remarks: this item and documents P400/D/5 & 7 appear to be 3 parts of a quadripartite indenture

Date:14th April 19 Edward III (1345)

Language: Latin

Pendant seal

A photocopy of this item has been catalogued as Marmion I/i/5