Scope and Content


1a) John Harwedone

b) John Rud

2a) Richard Englis de Newenham Moryn.

b) Alice, wife of 2a.

Description: 1 enfeoffs 2 with lands as described in P400/D/7-9

Place(s): North Stoke (Crowmarsh); Ipsden; Mongewell (Crowmarsh).

Endorsements: (a) Witness to Sealing: Hugh de Berewyck Knights, Gilbert Wace knights, Thomas Bartyn, Ralph Restwald, John James, Nicholas Parable, Walter att Garstone, John Roudene et al.

(c) Other endorsements: note that was entered on dorse of Close Roll, May 1365.

Date: Sunday after SS. Philip & James, 39 Edward III (4th May 1365)

Language: Latin

Two pendant seals, one embossed with two figures (possibly adult and child?), the other with a floral motif.

A photocopy of this item has been catalogued as Marmion I/i/11