Scope and Content


1) John de Burefeld

2a) Walter Childe de Ippesden [Ipsden]

2b) Alice, wife of Walter

2c) Cecily, daughter of Walter and Alice

Suibject of transaction: 1 leases to 2 for the term of their lives 1 acre of arable land in Stoke Moelos [North Stoke]

Placenames: Sprengeworth; Styelers(?)

Consideration: rent 7d per annum

Witnesses: Nicholas de Huntercombe; John Marmyon; John atte Garston; Symon Haute poet(?); Thomas Bledeleghwe; William Pouer

Date: Sunday after St Michael's feast [1 Oct] in the 12th year of Edward I [1284]

Language: Latin

Pendant seal: missing

A photocopy of this item has been catalogued as Marmion I/i/2