Scope and Content

(i) Dame Mary Elizabeth Goring, the wife of Sir Harry Dent Goring of Highden, co. Sussex, bart.

(ii) Margaret Anna Panton, spinster, second daughter of (i).

(iii) Charles Goring of Highden, esq.

(iv) George Chetwynd, Walter Barttelot Barttelot and Richard Edmunds.

Appointment by (i) of a sum of £1,500 raisable out of the Llanddyfnan estate and estates elsewhere in cos. Anglesey and Caernarvon, as a portion for (ii).

Consideration: intended marriage of (ii) and (iii).

Appointment of new trustee (endorsed) 08 Dec 1859

(i) Sir George Chetwynd, bart.

(ii) Sir Charles Goring, bart.

(iii) The Rev. William Molyneux of Twineham, co. Sussex, clerk.

(iv) Howard Charles Ward of the Inner Temple, London esq., barrister-at-law.

(v) Walter Barttelot Barttelot and Richard Edmunds and William Molyneux.

Appointment of (iii) as new trustee of the above appointed sum in place of (i).


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