Discharge and Surrender

Scope and Content

(i) George Cutcliffe of St. James Sq., co. Middlesex, esq., actuary of the Clerical Medical and General Life Assurance Society.

(ii) William Bowman of Bond St., co. Middlesex, esq., Gerard Wolfe Lyddekker of St. Albans, co. Hertford, esq., and the Rt. Hon. John Robert Mowbray of Mortimers, near Reading, co. Berks., M.P., Her Majesty's Judge Advocate General, three of the directors of the said Society.

(iii) George Henry Pinckard of Godalming, co. Surrey, esq.

(iv) The Rt. Hon. Charles Crespigny Baron Vivian.

(v) Sir Richard Duckworth King of Mayfair, co. Middlesex, bart., Samuel Pepys Cockerell of Mayfair, esq. and John Cranch Walker Vivian, of Arthurs Club, co. Middlesex, esq.

Discharge from mortgage and surrender of the manor of Coleshill vechan, parish of Holywell, co. Flint to (v).


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